Monday, July 31, 2017

Review: The Quiet Game

The Quiet Game The Quiet Game by Greg Iles
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Quiet Game By: Greg Iles

I was recommended this book by a customer, who walked in on a rainy Monday wondering what movies we were going to have that following weekend.
I honestly do not know how we started talking about this book, but she got me hooked as she was talking about it. I remember telling her to write the name down for me, to my surprise she walks out to her car and lends it to me. Who does that? Well, I'm glad she did.
This book had me hooked, at moments I was anxious wanting to read faster just to figure out what was going to happen.
Penn Cage is amazing, has a great family and he works so hard to help others and is respectful and does things by the book, (most of the time).
We also meet Caitlin who is a fierce lady, also very determined and someone who is willing to take a risk even if it means she can sabotage her career or worst her father's print.
But she does what she thinks is right. Her and Penn are great together, their determination to follow the law and to do what no other person was brave enough to do is exhilarating.
I am excited to start reading Natchez Burning.
I rate The Quiet Game 5 stars.

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