Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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A Snow Covered Nightmare by Debbie Zello
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As the sole witness to her bosses murder, Briah Spencer's life would never be the same again. Once she had identified the killer as none other than Denver's biggest crime boss, David Slater, her head had a price on it.

Aiden Baldwin was one of Denver's finest homicide detectives. His job was to keep Briah safe long enough to testify. His heart had plans of its own. Soon her life and his found that rock and hard place where decisions were impossible and devastating. Briah is sent into witness protection and Aiden to the bottom of a whisky bottle.

Briah felt safe in the mountains. They were her refuge from life's realities. She could lose her cares on the slopes with the wind blowing them past her. Will the mountains hide her from the two men that want her? Can the snow help her to forget Aiden? Is there a future in her new life?

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